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LUMEN8FOOD: Tactile Anacostia

Posted on 30 Jun 2013 in | 0 comments


Tactile Anacostia is a gastro-art project that invites Anacostia and neighboring Ward 8 residents to come preserve their food stories with conceptual food artist Carmen C. Wong.

Share a food experience of your choosing with the artist. Some ideas: chatting over coffee, picking up groceries, gardening, eating at a local spot, calling takeout or cooking a meal together with the artist…

All Anacostia and neighboring Ward 8 residents are welcome to drop by during workshop hours to help craft locally-obtained produce into jams, pickles, sauces and ephemeral art. Come ready to tell and audio-record your fav food stories and check-in with your fellow Anacostia neighbors. Participants get to take home jars of Anacostia-grown stories which they have collectively preserved.

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