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Community Appreciation Day – GATEWAYDC Pavilion

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The day will consist of:
*FREE Ice Slide
*Special Movie Premier for the community of "LIFE OF A KING" , starring Cuba 
Gooding Jr..  There will be a Special appearance by the real life  Hometown Hero 
who the movie was made about!
*Game room
*Arts and Crafts
*Face Painting

We are in need of as many students as we can who need community service hours. 
Because many of your students are from Ward 8, we think it is even more 
important to seek their participation.
We are offering double community hours for all participants. Assignments will be 
made as the participants arrive.10:30 to 11am arrivals would be helpful, 
although later arrivals will also be assigned. We would ask that the 
participants are able to do a minimum of 3 hours.
Participants should check in with me at the GATEWAYDC Pavilion, located at 2700 
MLK, SE., in the game room. Please email me your Community Service Forms

Please email me with any confirmations . I do understand that the confirmations 
are tentative.

Your students will be assigned to perform one or more of the following 
*Movie monitors
*Game room hosts
*Arts and crafts table monitor
*General Greeters
*Registration assistants
*Parking Lot Assistants
*Pavilion Top Monitors

If you have questions or need additional information, please give me a call at 
202-351-1567 (cell).

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